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The Crossing Church
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The Crossing Church


As The Crossing designed the video systems for their new auditorium and production suite, they chose to reuse a lot of their existing gear to keep costs in line. But they still needed to include several new key infrastructure items, such as a new router and production switcher in the design to expand their functionality – as well as to minimize future install costs and disruption to services.

Prior to phase 3 of their expansion, The Crossing’s core video system was two Panasonic switchers and an Evertz multiviewer. They used one switcher to drive live camera content to their multisite campuses, as well to their video venues in Chesterfield, and they used the other switcher to drive camera and video content with graphic overlays to lobby TV’s, live webstream, and web video on demand.

“The biggest limitations of the original set up was the number of inputs and the coordination of two different switchers. We needed a new switcher that could meet our needs in these two areas”


Already a customer of Ross with the purchase of two original Carbonite 1ME switchers – one at each multi-site campus, The Crossing had already experienced Ross’ amazing customer service before and after the sale. The switchers already proved to be flexible, powerful and unmatched in the industry with price point, and so they decided to not only purchase a Ross router, but also a third Carbonite switcher. They chose a 16 input, 2ME switcher with custom DashBoard to improve the user experience – they felt that the combination of a hardware panel and software/touch screen best fit with their workflow.


“The Carbonite is at the heart of our video broadcast system. It feeds the services from our auditorium to our two multisite campuses, video venues and overflow spaces of our broadcast campus, our live webstream, and our recordings for video on demand. We no longer have to re-route inputs to the switcher on the fly due to limited inputs, and now we can more reliably and quickly add cameras for special events without negatively impacting our worklow.”

The biggest benefit that Ross and Carbonite has given The Crossing, is the ability to focus on their production and not the gear. It has simplified their setup and processes – freeing their volunteers to do their best.

“We have always received high-quality and timely support from Ross Video. We wish more companies served customers as well as they do.”

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