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Abanka d.d. is the second largest bank in Slovenia with 60 branches across the country. It also operates the second largest network of cash machines in Slovenia. The bank is renowned as technologically progressive and innovative, continuously developing new products and processes to provide the highest possible levels of customer service.


Abanka wanted to introduce electronic signing and management of customer documents across its branch network to accelerate and increase the efficiency of its processes, and improve the customer experience.


Solution Abanka deployed Wacom pen displays integrated with the ePero® eSignature solution from Wacom partner Setcce. The solution enables customer documents to be signed and transmitted electronically to a secure and legislationcompliant electronic document archive.


Abanka implemented the solution in stages, starting with electronic signatures for the most frequently used documents within common customer workflows.


Wacom pen displays allow Abanka customers to view the entirety of the documents to be signed in a user-friendly format. This is exceptionally important for the bank and the customer experience, as it enables sales specialists to highlight particularly important areas within documents interactively during client discussions. Moreover, when not in signature mode, the Wacom pen display can be used to deliver additional graphical or video content and advertising to customers, and enable browsing of the bank’s website or the completion of feedback forms.

By implementing the solution, Abanka has significantly decreased its paper management costs. No longer needing to manage paper documents has also eased the administrative burden on bank employees, and improved the interaction between them and their customers. In addition, Abanka has optimized its postal distribution, printing, scanning and document archiving costs, thanks to document digitization. Finally, the solution has also enabled abanka to meet its compliance requirements more easily and efficiently, by storing them securely via a dedicated electronic archive