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The Office Of Emergency Services In The County Of San Diego

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The Office Of Emergency Services In The County Of San Diego
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The Client


The Office of Emergency Services for the County of San Diego oversees the operations and response plan in the event of a county disaster. Responsible for coordinating and deploying emergency services, the OES is tasked with alerting the appropriate agencies to ensure prompt protection of life and property should a disaster occur.


A disaster could be but is not limited to the following events.





San Onofre (A Nuclear Generating Station)




Should one of these sudden events occur, the OES relies heavily on its technology solutions to provide the community and the responding agencies with real-time and accurate information using digital maps, core applications, social media, and other modern resources. Having a reliable and easy-to-use AV system is critical to the work being executed at the OES on a day-to-day basis and during an active emergency situation.


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The Challenge

As a government entity that’s heavily relied on by the public, the OES was privy to the fact that having sufficient AV technology was a must-have in order to better serve the community while doing so efficiently.


Working from an older AV system that would malfunction from time-to-time, and was complicated to use, the OES needed a dedicated partner who could meet their audio, visual, and communication needs for emergency response and daily operations. 


The relationship between Spinitar and the OES goes back a long way. When the OES was first introduced to Spinitar, they were in need of finding a local team of professionals with an excellent track record and the ability to design, install, and support a high-tech AV system that was modern and user-friendly. Aware of what needed to be done at the OES, Spinitar designed a custom AV solution and established a fluid support plan that grows with the ever-changing technology advancements necessary to obtain a modern work environment.


The Approach

Throughout Spinitar’s partnership with the OES, the goal has been to design a solution that is less technical (than what they had before) and easy to use (for those less technical). Building a system that is small and compact in size but large in its capabilities was a top priority for the government organization. OES staff wanted the ability to walk into any room, plug in, and work from their personal device. Knowing the demands of the OES, Spinitar focused its efforts on designing a system that would allow anyone from any outside agency (or within), to easily connect and work from the technology integrated into the OES’ AV/IT infrastructure.


While considering the design of the audiovisual technology, Spinitar was also tasked with implementing a custom support plan that would withstand the integrity of the operation should a technical difficulty occur. Because the OES works on a day-to-day and activated schedule, Spinitar set two types of support plans in motion – a regular plan for daily work and a platinum plan enabled only during an emergency activation. 


Once the approach to resolve the outdated solution was agreed upon, Spinitar began sourcing technology from top manufacturing partners like Crestron, Legrand AV, Planar, and Samsung to begin upgrading the OES’s new audiovisual system.



At the Office of Emergency Services, we value teamwork, and it is very apparent that the people at Spinitar do too. They’re always working together to ensure we’re a success.

Stephen Rea


The Solution

In the effort to integrate a system that was easy to use, flexible, and reliable for a 24/7 operation, Spinitar designed an AV solution and support plan around the following requirements:


AV System 


Functionality – based on the daily operations and needs of the EOC, it was critical for Spinitar to design a solution that would serve as an alliance to the IT/AV ecosystem already in place within the organization. 

Aesthetics – adopting a ‘less is more’ mentality when sourcing the technology was an essential factor for the team to consider. The EOC was in need of a clean and compact solution that not only functioned properly but also looked good.

Manufacturer Support – Working as a 24/7 operation, the EOC relies heavily on AV industry experts to keep their equipment up and running at all times. Selecting manufacturers with a good track record for support was essential in choosing the right partners for the project.  

Project scope – Staying within the project scope and integrating a solution that met the needs of the EOC was top of mind for Spinitar when building the design and implementing the overall solution.  

 AV Support Plan


General Support Plan: This comprehensive support plan combines parts and labor coverage, plus proactive preventative maintenance.  The goal is to minimize system downtime.

Platinum Support Plan: this is provided during an emergency activation.  It includes an onsite technician during emergency situations to address system failures with repair or workarounds so that the County can focus on the emergency at hand, and not AV system functionality.




We’ve had a wonderful relationship with Spinitar for at least a decade and we’re really looking forward to continuing our work in the future.

Patty Jordan


The Results

With the help and guidance of OES representatives, Spinitar’s team Waveriders (led by account manager, Michael Janke) designed and built a universal audiovisual system that allows anyone from anywhere to securely connect from their personal device to the OES’ internal AV/IT system. 


After updating just about every room on the property, including the main emergency operations center, conference rooms, and breakout rooms, Spinitar successfully implemented a Covid-friendly work environment that is reliable and efficient. The AV upgrade allows city officials to respond to emergency needs quickly and effectively, regardless of their physical location.