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The makeup of the overall gambling population is shifting, and researchers analyzing the industry have noticed that newly diverse sets of players are venturing to casinos, audiences that skew younger and more female. It is obviously important for casinos to provide experiences that appeal to this ascendant younger generation of adults, as they will be the customers of the future. While these demographics have grown up almost entirely within a digital society, they have recently gravitated towards the traditionally dry game of bingo. Why? Because casinos have been treating their bingo rooms to a millennial makeover specifically to appeal to them. Station Casinos wanted the Palace Station bingo room to appeal to each and every one of their casino guests, but particularly sought renovations that would excite younger and more diverse audiences. That meant they needed digital display technology that could attract these guests from anywhere inside or outside the bingo room with engaging (and legible) messaging that reminded them why they came to Vegas in the first place. In short, Palace Station needed display tech that wowed.


Creating a space that both engages and impresses a wide variety of audiences is a tall task. Travelers visiting the casinos of Las Vegas come in all shapes and sizes, with a vast range of interests and ages. While bingo’s casual yet social style appeals to most demographics, the traditional setup won’t attract the younger crowds. You have to create a dazzling digital atmosphere consistent with the life experiences of these millennials while remaining true to the overall essence of the resort. The challenge in achieving that was twofold: first, the team needed a way to entice casino-goers into the bingo room, and second, the bingo room itself needed a way to keep people engaged. The renovated bingo room is spacious enough to fit up to 350 players and includes luxurious seating and a separate smoking area. Additionally, the area outside the bingo hall is highly trafficked and quite well lit. In such large, bright spaces, the challenges of reaching audiences are obviously immense.


Working with the integration team at National Technology Associates (NTA), the Palace Station management group understood that the best way to accomplish their dual objectives was with digital display technology. In such an open and vibrant space, the obvious choice was LED due to its unparalleled brightness. And because they wanted the display to be curved, the only choice for manufacturer was NanoLumens. Contributing to the decision to side with NanoLumens was the shared history the trio of teams had. Station Casinos and NTA had previously completed six collaborations with NanoLumens, including a bingo room at Santa Fe Station and massive sports book installations at Red Rock Resort and Casino and Green Valley Ranch Resort. Reflecting on the successes of these projects, the team set out to create a curved display for the entrance to the bingo room and a giant flat display within the bingo room.


In the words of Nevin Edwards, the Senior Project Manager at NTA, “Casino guests simply cannot ignore the messaging on the bright, crystal clear 1.5’ tall curved NanoLumens Nixel Series™ display that stretches 56’ all the way around the room’s entrance. It’s a powerful, visually stimulating solution that displays promotional messages and bingo bonuses to draw people into the room. Then, once players enter the bingo room, the action centers around a massive 15.75’ wide, 9.45’ tall 1080p NanoLumens Engage Series™ display, which presents the bingo board and new numbers as they’re pulled.” Each display is fully front serviceable, which means technicians can perform maintenance with speed and ease in the unlikely event it becomes necessary. Edwards continued to say that he believes, “Palace Station’s new bingo room has raised the bar for the industry.”


The curved Nixel Series™ display above the entrance to the bingo room is 1.5 feet tall and 56 feet wide, equipped with a 4mm pixel pitch to engage guests wandering elsewhere in the casino. The display inside the bingo room is 9.45 feet tall and 15.75 feet wide with a 2.5mm pixel pitch. Each of these displays are optimized to provide audiences with the best possible viewing experience.