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The celebration of 250 years in business is quite a feat considering that customer trends change from year to year. Today’s smart phone toting consumer values quick images and selfies more than the experience of simply walking through a room of historical or celebrity figures. For the Madam Tussauds located in Times Square, Merlin Entertainment Group found that their brand needed a refresh, an update to let passersby know that wax figures are not just there to look at, but they are there for the selfie of a lifetime.


Located right in the heart of Times Square, Madame Tussauds not only needed an image update, but they also were looking for a way to drive increased foot traffic in one of the LED capitals of the world. Although they had recognizable brand awareness, they had poor brand identity. Due to a static, roped off wax figure in the window, passersby did not recognize this museum as a destination, a place of fun or excitement. The identity of the museum needed to be re-defined and re-branded to convey what was awaiting visitors once inside. As the city that doesn’t sleep, the Times Square location had an additional challenge. Once chosen, the technology would have to be installed during nontraditional business hours, requiring a unique team that could work quickly and through the late night in order to ensure the entrance blockage wouldn’t affect potential visitors.


Meeting the challenge head on, NanoLumens partnered with Open Eye Global to create a standalone feature for Merlin Entertainment Group that would not only grab the attention of sightseers in New York City, but would also help to rebrand Madam Tussauds into the hip destination of cell phone photographers everywhere. Working through the night for several nights, the team installed a 4mm Pixel Pitch Nixel Series™ display that is more than 12 feet tall and 10 feet wide.

Launched in conjunction with hired actors and models that would represent realistic visits with the wax figures as the content for the new, engaging display; the installation was an instant success. The new display and refreshed branding garnered immediate appeal with passersby on the Times Square Street.


The new immersive display, one that stood out even in the LED-heavy Times Square location along with new engaging video content was able to provide a much need boost to the foot traffic of Madam Tussauds. Allowing them to truly project the breadth of experience that they had to offer, the museum quickly had a boom of visitors, and as a result, revenue. Not only did ticket sales to the museum increase, but the merchandise shop was also benefitting from the new LED display.

Today, Madam Tussauds in increasing their digital footprint with both their Ghostbusters exhibit and their brand new Kong Skull Island exhibit. The museum is now seen in an entirely different light through their promotional experience. They have broken through the noise of Times Square; successfully modernizing to today’s digitally native customers.


Utiizing an attention-capturing 13-foot by 12-foot 4mm Pixel Pitch NanoLumens Nixel Series™ display visible on the street, Madame Tussuads harneses the power of the internet by streaming the experiences of patrons inside the museum. Once inside, a successful interactive digital solution encourages guests to post “dynamic selfies” to social media.