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In the cutthroat world of gaming, staying on top of technology often means staying in business. And, there is no more competitive gaming environment than that of sin city. Las Vegas is the mecca of all things gambling, and every little competitive advantage can equate to massive revenue. Red Rock Casino already had a gigantic-sized sports book – a place where sports and betting enthusiasts could congregate to watch games, matches, or races, kick back with a beer or two, and place some bets on the action. But, Red Rock wanted to up the oomph, and make its sports book a true showstopper.


What isn’t challenging in the hyper-competitive world of Las Vegas gaming? The best in the casino business have epic resorts there. Red Rock Resort is one of them and has been listed as one of USA Today’s top 10 casinos, the only one in Vegas to make it on the list. The resort wanted to stay ahead of the competition by transforming its giant sports book into a true Vegas style experience. Red Rock management wanted to create a visual experience within the sports book that would be so compelling, it would pack in the sports fans and compel them to stay for hours, and also have benefits that spill over into other parts of the casino. To further complicate the installation, the sports book had to remain operational while the displays were being installed. That’s where NanoLumens comes into the picture.


Red Rock Resort wanted to swap out its antiquated wall of aging 18 projectors, which were costly to operate and maintain, with something spectacular. Resort management reached out to NanoLumens, to create the perfect solution: three state-of-the-art Engage Series™ LED displays with exponentially brighter pictures and substantially lower operating costs. And, all of the displays were custom built to fit exactly in the spaces as the old screens, eliminating design costs for Red Rock. At the time of installation, “these screens were literally running at just 10 percent of their potential brightness, and were already. dramatically brighter than the projection video system they were replacing,” observed H Waldman, Chief Operating Officer at National Technology Associates. The screens each measured 31.5-feet-wide-by-17-feet-tall, totaling more than 1,700 square feet of video surface with a native resolution of 3840 x 2112. They were installed one at a time, with two screens on at all times, allowing the sports book to operate without interruption.

The NanoLumens Nixels™ that comprise the walls were simple to install, allowing the walls to be constructed row by row as crews worked behind masking curtains. Waldman explained, “It took about a week to install each solution, which is very fast considering there were a lot of connections to be made with the new head-end AV system we also installed. The NanoLumens Nixels were extremely easy to work with.” The new NanoLumens solutions will keep Red Rock’s Race & Sports Book at the forefront of technology, enhancing the overall entertainment experience. And in Vegas, this is one of the biggest differentiators between casinos.


The project was a huge success. The sports book at Red Rock became a sporting destination for gamers and viewers alike. People started coming to the sports book with their friends to watch games. The screens not only attracted more customers during racing season, but also overflowed during football and basketball season, too. With massive crowds gathering regularly, standing room only became the norm. And the visual upgrade also boosted the bottom line. The project gave Red Rock a 10-15 percent boost in revenue for their sports book. A real game-changer that provides a new benchmark for Las Vegas, and the racing industry overall. While the industry has seen consistent decreases in revenue, by making the upgrade to NanoLumens’s displays, the Resort has managed to flip the script and increase sales in their sports book.


Three NanoLumens 2.5mm Engage Series™ LED visual solutions were installed at Red Rock Resort, creating 1,730 square feet of crystal-clear video surface in the sports book. The screens, each 31.5-feet-wide-by-17-feet-tall, have a native resolution of 3840 x 2112 and were installed in the openings previously occupied by the projection systems.