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Barco designs technology to enable bright outcomes. Beyond the image, we develop sight, sound, and sharing solutions to help you work together, share insights, and wow audiences. Our focus is on three core markets: Enterprise (meeting and corporate spaces, control rooms), Healthcare (radiology, clinical specialties, operating rooms), and Entertainment (movie theaters, live events, attractions).

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The IEX series is designed to maximize installation efficiency. A cable-free connection between cabinets enables high installation speed. The lock design allows for a screw-free cabinet assembly.
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Barco breaks out of the classroom and leads the way in digital transformation with weConnect
Posted on Wednesday, May 19, 2021
Barco breaks out of the classroom and leads the way in digital transformation with weConnect

Kortrijk, Belgium, 19 May – Barco, the market leader in digital visualization, reinforces its commitment to enable bright outcomes with weConnect – the virtual classroom software solution that delivers successful and human-centered learning experiences.

As organizations worldwide are getting ready to embrace a digital and flexible, yet human-centered, future of learning, Barco weConnect supports innovative education, completely remote or hybrid, offering a real-life, enhanced alternative to standard education. It is a subscription-based software solution designed for impactful, interactive teaching and training. 

In the weConnect virtual classroom, teachers and trainers stand in front of their audience, and see learners in real size, making reading expressions, body language and monitoring attention easier than ever. They can be seen from different angles thanks to the multiple cameras, share multimedia content, launch polls and quizzes, use the whiteboard, and create enhanced breakout rooms.  

These enhanced breakout rooms are designed for high-quality interaction and engagement. Instructors stay fully connected to their audience while keeping a steady flow for the session. Learners can freely collaborate and access shared breakout content, as well as content from the main session. They can ask questions, chat with peers, answer polls and quizzes, draw or add pins to the whiteboard. 

Once a live session ends, it is available on-demand thanks to its recording feature. Instructors can access user analytics on participants´ engagement to optimize future classes and learning outcomes. 

Overall, the platform offers unparalleled levels of flexibility and interaction, essential features for today's innovative organizations, their instructors and their learners. 

The demands of the digital world are changing learning 

With the fast pace of technology advancements changing fundamentally the way we live, work and learn, organizations are realizing they must shift their approach towards digital transformation when it comes to teaching and training.  

WeConnect supports this digital transformation and helps them break out of the classroom and into first-class teaching and training experiences. 

Simone Hammer (Head of Marketing, Barco Teaching & Learning Solutions) explains further what breaking out of the classroom means: ´To thrive in an ever-changing digital world, organizations are now embracing the many and exciting possibilities it offers. Breaking out of the classroom represents the pledge to create flexible and engaging learning experiences that will deliver long-lasting results while keeping in mind quality human interactions and enabling meaningful connections across geographical barriers.  ´ 

Jan van Houtte (VP Barco Teaching & Learning Solutions) adds: ´It also means using technology as a tool powering pedagogy, driven by learning objectives and desired outcomes. It´s about being open, innovative and thinking of new, better ways of learning. The modern times we are living and working in require methods to adapt and be more flexible, more varied, easily accessible and interactive.´ 

As organizations are looking to offer digital, flexible and engaging experiences, differentiated from the day-to-day video conference software, Barco weConnect is here to offer a real-life alternative that supports pedagogical objectives, quality interaction, and delivers enjoyable experiences and enhanced learning outcomes. 

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