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Mission Viejo Diablos Score with Community
Posted on Tuesday, November 8, 2016
Mission Viejo Diablos Score with Community

Undefeated Team Gets New Audio System with Great Music Quality and Clear Announcements

Mission Viejo High School has a lot to celebrate this year.  2016 is the 50th anniversary of the school’s founding.  Its Diablos football team has a 37-game undefeated streak.  And, the school’s football stadium has a new, high-performance audio system with Community W SERIES loudspeakers.

Designed and installed by Rob and Chase Larson of Larson Lighting & Audio in Laguna Hills, CA, Mission Viejo’s new audio system replaces an older paging horn system that had reliability issues and didn’t meet the school’s needs for full-range, high-quality music, clear announcements and even coverage of the stadium.

“The new system uses sixteen W2-2W8 Community loudspeakers installed on four poles in front of the home stands,”  said Chase.  “We did an EASE layout that showed the Community loudspeakers would do a great job covering the home and visitor stands and provide field coverage as well.  And, they’re high enough to avoid obstructing any sight-lines.”

Mission Viejo’s new system uses QSC PLD amplifiers, an Allen & Heath Mix Wizard and Shure wired and wireless microphones.  “We upgraded the stadium’s entire audio infrastructure,” noted Rob.  “All of the electronics are new and we replaced the old 70-volt wiring with 10-gauge cable for an 8-ohm design.”  Larson Lighting & Audio installed the loudspeakers using Community PMB-2RR mounting brackets and equalized the system using the amplifier DSP.  “We dropped the Community loudspeaker profiles into the DSP,” said Chase.  “And, that’s all the EQ we needed!”

Chase says the new system has ample level to overcome noise from the nearby freeway without distortion and it has “perfect clarity” for announcements.  He added, “With the old system, the school had frequent complaints from its neighbors.  Now, we’ve got 9dB to 12dB more level and wider frequency range but the Community loudspeakers have much better coverage control and those complaints have stopped.”

Rob commented, “Everyone loves the new system, the fans, the cheer squad, the team.  The system looks great and we’ve got plenty of low-end without needing subs.  The superintendent told me, ‘Congratulations, you’ve hit a home run!’”