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Cloud Driven Solutions is the meeting management solution for governing bodies. CDS offers a full range of agenda and management solutions to clients around the world. Clients trust the AgendaLink Product Suite to simplify the management of their civic content.

Model: AgendaLink-Solo

AgendaLink Solo is an in-meeting management solution that helps automate and simplify the voting process for any governing body. It is the only cloud native voting software that fully integrates with
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AgendaLink Solo AV Integration
Posted on Wednesday, March 24, 2021
Watch as we demonstrate just how easy it use to utilize our software platform with a traditional audio/video control solution. We go over step by step setting up a Crestron system to listen to our software and provide you with whatever control capabilities you need. This not only works with Crestron but any other control solution on the market like Qsys, Extron, etc.
Model: AgendaLink-Solo