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Crestron Electronics, Inc. - DM-NAX-AMP-X300

DM NAX™ X-Series Flexible Output Amplifier, 300W

Model: DM-NAX-AMP-X300

Part #: 6511766

  • Audio-over-IP (AoIP) amplifier
  • Native Dante® mode
  • Full DSP capabilities
  • Streamlined configuration through a web interface
  • ENERGY STAR® certified power amplifier
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The DM-NAX-AMP-X300 is a high performance, space saving, energy efficient, professional grade Audio-over-IP (AoIP) amplifier. Supporting DM NAX, Dante, AES67, and local inputs, all with full DSP capabilities, this multichannel amplifier is suitable for both residential and commercial configurations.


DM NAX takes audio distribution to a whole new level by putting it on the network. The DM-NAX-AMP-X300 sends and receives DM NAX, Dante, and AES67 encoded audio over a standard IP network. A single DM NAX system can handle audio distribution between 32 DM NAX devices and supports up to 256 audio output zones. DM NAX devices can seamlessly pull and distribute the audio from DM NVX sources.

Digital Signal Processing (DSP):

The DM-NAX-AMP-X300 has two DSP modes. Residential mode enables the quick and easy configuration of layout, speaker protection output limits, and speaker profiles for each zone. In Commercial mode, make full use of the DM-NAX-AMP-X300's true mixing matrix as well as advanced options for equalization and dynamics processing on each individual speaker, line, and network channel.

Encoder and Decoder Functionality:

The DM-NAX-AMP-X300 can operate as a network AV encoder and decoder. The local input sources on one amplifier can be sent as AoIP streams to DM NAX, Dante, or AES67 capable devices. Simultaneously, the DM-NAX-AMP-X300 can receive AoIP streams from these same devices and decode them for local output.

Lo-Z (4/8 ohm) and Hi-Z (70V or 100V) Output:

The DM-NAX-AMP-X300 is a 4-channel amplifier (up to 75 W per channel) which can also be configured for 3-channel bridged operation (up to 75 W per single ended channel and up to 150 W for the bridged channel), 2-channel bridged operation (up to 150 W per channel), or 1 channel bridged operation (up to 300 W). A choice of Lo-Z outputs to drive 4- or 8-ohm speakers, or Hi-Z outputs to drive a distributed speaker system (70V or 100V) can be used. Balanced/Unbalanced inputs are provided for connection to two stereo or four mono sources through detachable terminal blocks.

ENERGY STAR® Certified:

An energy-efficient design enables the DM-NAX-AMP-X300 to meet demanding ENERGY STAR requirements. In addition to its high efficiency under operation, the amplifier draws no added inrush current during power-up, thereby reducing AC circuit requirements and allowing multiple amplifiers to be connected to a single switched circuit. To reduce energy usage further, the DM-NAX-AMP-X300 can be configured to enter a low-power standby state if no input signal is detected on either channel for 25 minutes. Signal detection sensitivity has been optimized to improve response time when triggering the amplifier to the on state, allowing it to return to full operation within a half-second. The REMOTE input can be connected to a contact closure to place the amplifier outputs in controlled standby mode.

Modular Design:

The DM-NAX-AMP-X300 is housed in a half-width rack-mountable form factor that can be installed individually or ganged together in a single rack space. 

  • Audio-over-IP (AoIP) amplifier
  • Native Dante® mode
  • Full DSP capabilities
  • Streamlined configuration through a web interface
  • ENERGY STAR® certified power amplifier
  • 1 RU high, half-rack width form factor supports surface and rack mounting
  • Configurable for Lo-Z (4/8 ohm) or Hi-Z (70V or 100V) operation
  • Configurable for 4 x up to 75 W output, 2 x up to 150 W output, 1 x up to 300 W (bridged) output, and 2 x up to 75 W + 1 x up to 150 W (bridged) output
  • Matrix mixing of any input to any output
  • Always On feature allows constant on connection with very low power consumption
  • Connects directly to a managed network to route to or from DM NAX/DM NVX®, AES67, or Dante devices
  • Supports mic/line level analog inputs and balanced/unbalanced line level outputs
  • Individual zone power control and global standby
  • Seamless Crestron system integration with Crestron Home® OS and SIMPL Windows programming