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Lumens™ offers superior document cameras, videoconferencing cameras, 4K and Full HD PTZ cameras, encoders and decoders, controllers, AVoIP solutions and a lecture capture system to educational institutions, corporate, government, house of worship, entertainment, etc. Lumens cameras can be easily set up and display quality 4K and Full HD images in 1080p/60fps.

Model: VC-A71P-HN

Lumens® VC-A71P-HN is a 4K 60fps PTZ camera with 12G-SDI, high bandwidth NDI and NDI®|HX3 outputs. Its support for Rec.709 and BT.2020 color spaces make the camera suitable for HD and UHD TV workflows
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Lumens Launches New Series of Capture Cards
Posted on Tuesday, September 9, 2014
Lumens Launches New Series of Capture Cards

September 9, 2014

LumensTM Launches New Series of Capture Cards

 LumensTM Integration Inc., maker of HD PTZ cameras, is proud to announce the launch of a new series of capture cards. These capture cards are compatible with LumensTM PTZ cameras and help complete LumensTM full videoconferencing solution. Included in this series are a USB 3.0 capture box, a PCI-E SDI capture card, and a PCI-E DVI capture card.

Not only does this capture card series support multiple video source inputs and include simultaneous video loop-through, it also allows the capture of video from a camera into a computer for further editing. Commonly used for lecture recording and videoconferencing, this series of capture cards can be used with LumensTM HD PTZ cameras to help serve as a videoconferencing solution.

The LumensTM UB530 is an external capture box with USB 3.0 interface.  Not only does it allow for video capture and recording up to 1080p at 60fps, it also supports full-range video inputs like SDI, HDMI DVI-I, AND YPbPr. The UB530 is compatible with most updated versions of the Windows operating system.

 In addition, LumensTM offers two PCI-E capture cards: the SC512 N1-L SDI and the SC512 N1-L DVI.  Both capture cards are PCI-E with HD 1080p real-time high quality. Both support 60 fps and have RAW data capture.  The SC512 N1-L SDI is a SDI video capture card that supports LumensTM SDI PTZ cameras. Meanwhile, the SC512 N1-L DVI is a DVI video capture card that supports LumensTM DVI video cameras.

 For more details, please visit the LumensTM website at:

About Lumens Integration, Inc.

LumensTM Integration Inc.  is the leading manufactuer of LadibugTM portable document cameras and PTZ videoconferencing cameras.  With more than 100 sites in 33 countries around the world, the company was founded in 1998 and has a deep technological heritage of image processing, video electronics, and optical technology. LumensTM applies great importance to every step of the product cycle, from the rigorous screening and training of our sales channels to product operation instructions, online user Q & A, warranty maintenance, and customer satisfaction.