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Sonic Foundry Named Global Market Share Leader in Lecture Capture by Frost & Sullivan for Third Consecutive Time
Posted on Tuesday, October 12, 2010

 Top analyst firm finds Sonic Foundry the uncontested market leader

ANAHEIM, CALIF. - EDUCAUSE Booth #915 - Sonic Foundry, Inc. (NASDAQ: SOFO), the recognized market leader for rich media webcastinglecture capture and knowledge management, is once again the recipient of Frost & Sullivan's 2010 Global Market Share Leadership Award in Lecture Capture Solutions, maintaining its standing as the uncontested market leader.

"Sonic Foundry's high-visibility, world-class recognition, and rich feature set have established Mediasite as the premier solution for lecture capture," said Aimee Roberts, research analyst at Frost & Sullivan. "The market share leader holds a special responsibility for advocating the benefits of their technology, as well as sets the pace for other players in the market space. Competitors in the lecture capture space look to Sonic Foundry for strategic vision."

According to Roberts, Sonic Foundry excels on three key performance drivers; core product offering, customer engagement and satisfaction, and leadership in market penetration. "Prestigious 2010 wins including DeVry, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, University of California-Irvine School of Law, University of Colorado at Boulder, King Abdullah University of Science & Technology, and Queen's University Belfast amongst many others, indicate Sonic Foundry's expanding global presence and the versatility of its solution."

"Sonic Foundry's flagship product, Mediasite, provides higher educational institutions the ability to automate the capture of lectures or special events, which can be streamed live or viewed on-demand," said Roberts. "Using Mediasite, students gain a greater degree of autonomy in their learning process as they can revisit content as necessary outside the classroom."

According to the report, the Mediasite webcasting platform fits any customer's need regardless of deployment size. However, many early adopters of lecture capture technology that deployed on a departmental basis are now realizing the advantage of campus-wide deployment. This evolution is often driven by the technology itself, because Mediasite is easy to deploy and highly scalable.

The report also states that Sonic Foundry's customer base, with more than 800 academic clients worldwide, readily attests to the company's customer strategy, demonstrating dedication to customer service. "Placing customer needs at the forefront, Sonic Foundry continuously updates Mediasite functionality. The fulfillment of existing client needs, a solid track record of successful deployments and solution refinement demonstrate Sonic Foundry's ensuing dedication to its clients. Sonic Foundry has been voted as ‘best in class' for lecture capture by customers around the world."

"As lecture capture goes mainstream, our customers are increasingly understanding the importance of partnering with a company that helps them deliver the most efficient and effective online learning for today's students. The continued trust of the Mediasite user community is a testament to both the scalability of our webcasting platform and the reliability of both our technology and our employees. We're honored to be their partners, working together to realize our shared vision of using educational technology to create deep and lasting change in the learning process," said Rimas Buinevicius, chairman and CEO of Sonic Foundry. "To be acknowledged once again as the uncontested market leader is both humbling and energizing, and we will continue to bring our passion, commitment and innovation to this high-growth market."

The patented Mediasite lecture capture and content management system automates the recording, delivery and management of multimedia presentations that combine video and accompanying visual aids for live or on-demand viewing.

The Frost & Sullivan Award for Market Share Leadership is presented to the company that has demonstrated excellence in capturing the highest market share within its industry. Analysts use the firm's TEAM Research methodology which analyzes how best-in-class companies worldwide manage growth, innovation and leadership. The letters T, E, A and M reflect core technical, economic, applied (financial and best practices) and market analyses. The methodology provides an evaluation platform for benchmarking industry players and for creating high-potential growth strategies in the industry. Sonic Foundry has earned this recognition every year the firm has reported on the market, previously in 

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