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TripleChoice: User Portals

Series: Video on Demand / IPTV

Model: TripleChoice

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The management of video within any organisation is becoming as important as managing voice and data. The TripleChoice portfolio of user portals provides a complete platform that meets all media requirements.

The ability to customise and personalise what your end user sees when logged into a Video on Demand or IPTV solution is vital if you're trying to present a quality, consistent brand image. TripleChoice allows just that with the use of several pre-defined layouts and screen navigation systems coupled with the ability to amend and edit images, logos and colours.

With pre-built portals for Education, Media, Stadia, Hospitality and Corporate use there is a full standard range to choose from and edit to suit any need. By allowing you to integrate multiple mixed media services into one portal, TripleChoice simplifies content delivery in a sophisticated and user friendly way.

However, TripleChoice isn't just used for viewing TV and video content, it provides a set of processes and tools to allow users to easily manage and interact with all their video media content.

By including the ability to control live TV with Pause, Rewind, Fast Forward and Record functions, allowing the arrangement and categorisation of content by data such as genre, actor, rating, your users are given a superbly intuitive interface with which to control the system.

For the hospitality industry there is the ability to include hotel services into a package, allowing guests to book restaurant tables, check out of their room, order room service or set a wakeup call, enhancing the guest experience.

In contrast, through the media portal, educational users have the ability to bookmark and comment on content, allowing homework to be a digital media experience and creating discussion forums around content; engaging the students in a way that is fun and familiar.

Available in Generic, Standard and Premium editions, TripleChoice offers a true user friendly interface, taking the pain away from staff and giving your people a world class experience.

Package includes:
Boutique Hotel Portal
Corporate Portal
Education Media Portal
Hotel Portal
Stadia Portal

As well as being accesible via a television and remote control, the TripleChoice Portals allow the same functionality and control from any web browser allowing users, depending upo

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